Happy 30th Anniversary Stampin’ Up! and a Little Check-In

Happy 30th Anniversary Stampin’ Up! and a Little Check-In


I know that I have been very quiet on both my blog and my Facebook page. Some of the things I am reminding myself as I have been going through the first three months of 2018 is that life just happens and to have grace where grace is due.

In late November I received a phone call from my sister letting me and my family know that she had been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and she laid out her treatment plans. The doctors advised her to keep the tumor in and fight it with chemo. They could not identify what the tumor was feeding on and they didn’t want to remove it just to have it come back over and over again!

My husband went to work and pushed me to go out in January and visit. She lives in Washington State, we live in Indiana. It is not common for us to just get on a plane and travel on a whim, but my husband made it work and rearranged his work schedule to make it happen for me.

Cropped Cancer sign

My sister is holding strong and BIGGER then cancer and for that I am grateful! She is 43 years old and has a long rough road ahead of her.

I am back at home, living this amazing life as a wife, mom and crazy lunch lady and always close to help if I need to.

I am eager to craft more, blog more and dialog more. These are all very good things. Thank you for following me along in the journey. I love Stampin’ Up! and it’s hard to believe that they are turning 30 this year. ♥

Thank you!

I’ll be seeing you soon,

Cropped without baby

PS: xoxo



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