Thrifty Tip Tuesday ~ Decorating Envelopes with Stampin’ Blends

Thrifty Tip Tuesday ~ Decorating Envelopes with Stampin’ Blends

I had so much fun creating my Cascading Z Fold Card that I had to create an envelope to match. The trick/tip I learned very quickly with the Stampin’ Blends is that they bleed. If I am coloring in the front side of an envelope the last thing I want is to have it bleed through onto the backside. So, here’s my tip:

Take a piece of scrap cardstock and stick it inside the envelope before coloring. This creates a barrier between the front and the back and causes any bleeding of colors that might occur to happen on the scrap piece of cardstock and NOT the back of the envelope.

Color away to heart’s content knowing that your envelope’s back side is protected. When you’re done just remove the scrap piece of paper.

See how much it bled?

But, because of the cardstock scrap nothing bled onto the backside. It is ready to mail. Doesn’t it look gorgeous! The perfect addition to a perfect card.

I love the use of Stampin’ Blends to create fun envelopes. This trick/tip will save you from the embarrassment of a crazy envelope.

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