Happy New Year! It’s 2020!

Happy New Year! It’s 2020!

Happy New Year friends!

I am excited to start the new decade off right! There is just something profound about a new start, or even, just starting again. Don’t you agree?

Lots of great planning has been going on around here. I took the last six weeks or so off from my business to enjoy the holiday season but also to reflect on myself. I recently learned (and am still learning) that I am a not formally diagnosed adult female with ADHD. I am a child who grew up in the 80’s and there wasn’t a lot of information, let alone help, in diagnosing ADHD especially in someone who had minor symptoms. Flash forward 30+ years and here I am raising a child who is formally diagnosed. I am also realizing that there has been this mental checklist of symptoms that I am checking off in my brain that yes, these are answers I have been looking for my entire adult life. What a relief to know that this is how I am wired and I can make plans to help me move forward!

I am looking at this new year as one with real possibility and I have the ability to be amazing simply because I am doing the self-care that I need to do to be successful!

Do you pick a word for the new year? What did you decide on? I finally decided my word would be Wildfire. A wildfire spreads with great speed. It readily ignites and is difficult to extinguish. I feel like I might be a small wildfire this year and that motivates me to keep on keeping on.

Thanks for joining me on this fun journey! I will be back with a card tomorrow, so I’ll see you soon!


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