Cutting Card Bases: Hamburger Fold vs Hot Dog Fold

Cutting Card Bases: Hamburger Fold vs Hot Dog Fold

What is what when it comes to the hamburger fold versus the hot dog fold? I use these terms all the time, when cutting card bases, and when I am teaching new customers I go over it in class. I thought I would just take a second and go over it here too.

Both ‘hamburger fold’ and ‘hot dog fold’ are terms taught to children in preschool and early education because it allows the child to have a visual of which direction their paper should be turned when doing the arts and crafts their teacher is showing them.

They are such simple terms to understand once you get it and so I use it all the time in crafting.

The Hamburger Fold

The hamburger fold is when you take your paper long and short and cut it down the middle. (or fold it) Once the paper is cut in half it is scored at the 4.25″ score line.

Here it is with cardstock:

The Hot Dog Fold

The hot dog fold is simply the opposite. You hold your paper at the short and cut it down the middle at 4.25″. Then, when you score it you are scoring it at 5.5″.

Here is the hot dog fold on cardstock:

I also did a short video to help with those who need actual visuals. I am one of those people!! Enjoy.

Okay, so now let’s see some examples.

First up, examples of the Hamburger Fold.

Here are some examples of the Hot Dog Fold:

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope this has been helpful and informative. Please reach out with questions.


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